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Handmade Paper Handicraft Show
Arts creating is a lead crafts manufacturer in China,we makes many kinds of handmade paper,color paper and cardboard,we can always offer you the best quality and competitive prices from China.
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Handmade Paper
Handmade PaperSize:144x76CM,98x66CM,96x66CM,94x64CM,90x60CM,60x45CM,30.5x30.5CM(12 inches)21x29.7CM(A4)Weight:15-18GSM,22-25GSM,25-28GSM,27-30GSM,32-35GSM,35-38GSM,etc.Packing:10PCS/pack,20PCS/pack,30PCS/pack,50PCS/pack,10sheets/pack,20sheets/pack
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